The City of Cleveland Division of Water provides water to all areas of the Village. To start a new service or to connect existing service, please call 216-664-2444. You can also get additional information on their website at

Homestead Discount for Water and Sewer
Residents who have a total income of less than $36,300 in 2022 may be  eligible for a discount on their water and sewer bills through the Homestead Exemption.  Click here for an application. or call Lori at Village Hall at 440-232-8788 for an application and one will be mailed to you.


Most of the sanitary sewer is served by the City of Bedford Heights. The Village has had a long term contract with the City for service. Rates are determined by councilmatic action on a regular basis. For connections to the Sanitary Sewer Systems, please contact, the City of Bedford Heights at 440-439-5343 or refer to their website. For more information about Bedford Heights sewer service or rates, please contact Dave Pocaro at 440-439-5343.Sanitary Sewer Rates 2023-2024

A small number of residents are served by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District for sanitary sewer services. They can be contacted at 216-881-8247 or

For information about establishing new sanitary sewer service, please call the Village Engineer, Mike Henry at Chagrin Valley Engineering at 440-439-1999 or Bob Rodic, Glenwillow’s Building Official at 440-232-4380.

Dominion East Ohio Gas Company is the provider of natural gas for businesses and residential services.  The company is happy to assist prospective businesses in determining their needs for services.  You can contact Dominion East Ohio Gas at 800-362-7557 or




Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, a subsidiary of First Energy Corporation, provides electric service for both businesses and residents.  Their staff will assist you in determining the exact type of service you need at your facility.  Please contact them at 1-800-589-3101 or contact them through their website: Most new service can be started using their website.


AT & T provides both local and long distance phone services to residents and businesses. They also provide DSL lines for Internet service. To have help to determine your exact needs, please contact them at 1-216-861-2021 or


Spectrum provides television cable, high speed Internet and phone services to residents and businesses.  The toll freee customer contact phone number is 1-800-575-9951 or visit the company website for more information or for services


The Village worked with three of our business partners and everstream of Cleveland, a provider of high-speed fiber optic cable to install fiber in the industrial area of the Village.  This fiber is capable of transmitting speeds of up to 1 gig.  For more information about the Fiber Optic service, please contact everstream at 1-844-733-4700 or visit the website.

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