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The Pergl Road Sanitary Sewer System was installed and paid for by the Village of Glenwillow.  The cost of the sanitary sewer installation will not be assessed to property owners. Property owners or their authorized representatives are required to obtain other associated fees and obtain permits as required by those authorities.

  1. Secure necessary permits, pay tap-in fees.
    • Obtain a septic system abandonment permit from the Cuyahoga County Health Department by mail or in person at 5550 Venture Dr. Parma, Ohio 44120. Call 216-201-1000 for business hours.
    • Obtain a sanitary sewer tap-in permit from the City of Bedford Heights at their Building Department located at 5661 Perkins Avenue.  Call 440-786-3236 for business hours.

The cost for the permit is $100.00.

The cost for the permit is $1,000.00.

  • Obtain a Street Opening Permit from the Village of Glenwillow Building Department. The application for the permit must include the Sanitary Sewer permit from the City of Bedford Heights; the Septic System Permit from the Cuyahoga County Health Department and a sketch of the proposed work which will include the location of clean-outs, dimensions and location of the sewer connection along with a written narrative outlining the materials to be used. There is no charge for the street opening permit.
  • You may also need a plumbing permit if it is necessary to modify the plumbing on the interior to accommodate the sewer connection.  A plumbing contractor doing this work must be registered with the Glenwillow Building Department.  The permit fee is $50.00.
  • Your contractor, if not registered, must register with the Village of Glenwillow Building Department.  The registration fee is $100.00.

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  1. Schedule inspections with the Village of Glenwillow Building Department.
    • To view the sewer connection at the clean-out location near the street right of way.
    • To view the sewer connection with the existing system.
    • To inspect the interior plumbing modifications (if necessary).

Please follow Cuyahoga County Health Department Standards for the abandonment of your septic system and the inspection thereof.

The Village maintains a list of previously registered contractors. However, you may also choose your own contractor.  Be certain to obtain more than 1 written estimate.

Please provide 24 hours notice when scheduling an inspection. The Building Department can be reached at 440-232-4380 to answer any questions related to the above. Office hours are Monday–Friday, 9:00am–4:00pm.

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